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The Cube by Electrolux, a unique dining concept celebrating 90 years of professional expertise, spent 18 weeks overlooking the Piazza del Duomo, at the cultural and social heart of Milan.

Thirteen Italian chefs, who all work with Electrolux in their own restaurants every day, demonstrated Michelin-star cooking in this beautifully designed venue with breath-taking views.

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Best observed from the outside by climbing the stone steps of the Duomo di Milano, the real excitement was found within the state-of-the-art designed 140sqm space.

After watching the crowds in the square below, while enjoying a cold glass of champagne, the dining table descended dramatically from the ceiling. Delicious menus of up to six courses were served to 18 guests before the table was raised again for after-dinner drinks and mingling.

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The Cuisine

Each chef created an exclusive set menu for The Cube by Electrolux in Milan to showcase their skills and inventiveness in cooking locally sourced ingredients on Electrolux appliances.

The Chefs

Milan featured a rotation of award-winning resident chefs and members of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe - the prestigious European association of young emergent chefs-restaurateurs.

Specially selected from around Italy, the chefs shared their personal hints and tips from the kitchen and encouraged guests to explore their own creativity at home.

Meet the chefs

The Feedback

With positive reviews from the press and praise from all our our visitors, this was a successful celebration of our 90 years of professional expertise. And this experience has gone into our new Inspiration Range - developed for professionals, now adapted for you.

The Cube by Electrolux hosted hundreds of lunches and dinners in its Milan residency and the diversity and enjoyment of our guests is clear to see from the photos on Flickr.

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