Organization, Management and Control Model

Informazioni in italiano

Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 introduced to the Italian judicial system a set of rules governing the administrative liability of companies in relation to the commission of certain crimes committed or attempted by a company's management or its employees, or by subjects under the control or supervision of the company, if such crimes are committed in the interests or to the advantage of said company. The liability of the company does not preclude the liability of the subject who effectively commits the crime.

However, Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 also contemplates a form of exemption from liability if the company is able to demonstrate that, prior to the commission of the crime(s), they have adopted and effectively implemented Organization, Management and Control Models designed to prevent the commission of such crimes.

Each of the companies belonging to the Electrolux Group and based in Italy has developed and implemented its own Organization, Management and Control Model (the "Model") and set up its Supervisory Body.

The application of the Model not only allows Italian-based Electrolux companies to benefit from the exemptions envisaged by the Decree but also helps them to improve their management procedures and ensure that their business operations are conducted in a correct and transparent manner.

The Electrolux Group's "Policies & Guidelines", too, form an integral part of the Model, and comprise the fundamentally important Code of Ethics as well as the specific "prevention protocols" and procedures designed to prevent the commission of the crimes listed in Decree 231/01.

In addition, the Model features a system of penalties applicable to each recipient of the Model and designed to punish any non-compliance with the conditions contained in the Model.

The Supervisory Body established for each company is tasked with overseeing the effectiveness and the correct application of the Model.

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